Thursday, December 29, 2011

The beauty of Inai

Here in Malaysia, we have quite adapted the Indian/Arabic culture of having henna on the bride's hands and feet during weddings though theirs are usually very complicatedly designed. I on the other hand have almost opted for not having any henna done on me for my wedding. Even if I do, I wanted the simplest of it all, having it done only at the end of every fingers.

What? I'm simple like that!

One day, my cousin bbm me asking how's my henna design going to be and I told her of my plans. She thought I was insane for not getting any flowery details done! So she started to google up pictures and tag me on facebook in hope to change my mind. But what really did made me changed my mind wasn't the pictures she found, but that one statement she made...

"Mun dah umor 50 baruk nak polah, lak orang madah gila!" (If you only plan to do it when you're 50, then you'd look like some kinda old hagged woman trying to relive her youth cos she missed out on it on her wedding day!)

Come to think of it, why not? So I did it! It went way out of simplicity cos the person who made it and my Mak Andam wanted to try something different and bling it up. It looked weird at first and definitely soooo not me, but a few compliments that morning and I just gave it a go (it's either it really looked good or they just wanted to make me FEEL like it looked good).

Anyways, it does look good in pictures I think?

Taken while waiting for him to get the other hand done

Hubby waiting for his turn

Almost done! This was the night before the Akad Nikah.

On my Akad Nikah day

Beautiful and I was satisfied indeed. Now 3 months later, this is all that is left. Yup, only the thumb! Sooooo sad :(

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's been too long

*vacuums away dust, mops every corner of the screen, sweeps away spam comments*

Firstly of course, I'M MARRIED!

Well, hello! I know that it's been THAT long since I've last posted anything. I knew I had the whole wedding countdown thing going on with details on the event and such. Everything has been quite overwhelming the month prior to the wedding, and even the month after. Not to mention on the day itself!

Just two weeks before the wedding, the whole family was in shocked when Zech's Mom collapsed and had to be hospitalized for a minor stroke. It saddens everyone, including myself. This is the main reason why and when I lost the vibe in updating. I just didn't know what to update anymore and at most times, I'm lost for words. We were at the point of contemplating whether to go on with the wedding.

The family discussed, and we did. Though we had minus out a few events that seemed inappropriate. The next two weeks after that, I focused on the wedding while Zech took care of his Mom.

Fast forward to the wedding day, Alhamdulillah it went well and Zech did well during the akad nikah with only sekali lafaz :) It was a joyful day though there were times we would shed tears wishing Zech's Mom was there with us.

We had to cancel our honeymoon plans. 3 days after the wedding, Zech and I went to KL and spent a week there visiting and taking care of his Mom.

She is now recovering well, and have started to speak as of yesterday. Lets all pray for her speedy recovery.

I'll post up a different entry on the wedding day itself with tons of gorgeous pictures to share.

Til then, wishing everyone a belated Hari Raya Aidiladha!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hari Raya 2011 + First week at work


Oh I'm two weeks late but like they always say, better late than never! It's still Syawal anyways.

It's not a Raya wishing post with no Raya pictures so here's a vain me with my last ever Raya packets from my uncles and aunts - they insist that I don't get anymore packets from now onwards cos I'm no longer single next Raya (hmmmph!) - and a picture with the Fiancé (I have to use this awesome word as often as I possibly can for the next 3 weeks before it expires - THREE WEEKS TO GO!).

I also started work at the new place this week! So far so good, the first week has been treating me well. Meet my new colleague, Mel!

Since my CPU has been sent away for some computer-life saving procedures, I had to bring my laptop to work everyday. I normally would have my laptop in a zipped bag enough just for the laptop, the charger and other junks would go into my handbag. Once or twice, no problem. But everyday? It gets troublesome and my shoulders ache because my handbag got too heavy. So I had to use the original bag (yes you know the free ugly black one that comes with your laptop when you bought it and yes it's very ugly) cos it fits in the charger as well.

I knew I just had to get myself a better looking laptop bag if I need to carry that junk to the office everyday. I found this and bought it today!

Got it from Gin & Jacqie. Sooooo cute! (Wait, it's for WORK. Why is my laptop bag CUTE? -_-) But look at it! It's too adorable to say no to and it fits my laptop perfectly. Whenever I feel stressed out, I'll just look at it and all the bubblegum colors will make me feel better and bring me to bubblegum land where I'll eat chocolate and desserts all day long... *slaps self*

I finally get to say TGIF because I don't work on Saturdays anymore :) So,


Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 26, 2011

BlackBerry Bold 9900


Set to be out on 15 September but I've been seeing a store announces in FB they're having their stocks coming in today. Also saw on twitter some are already using it. Definitely going into my Wish List. Will save up and get it after the wedding! Or maybe when my current BB contract ends, whichever comes first.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the first Bold to feature a touchscreen interface and it is quite possibly the best Bold ever. At 10.5mm thin, it’s definitely the thinnest Bold ever. In fact, the 9900 is the thinnest and most powerful smartphone BlackBerry has ever produced with a much improved BlackBerry 7 OS, a 1GHz processor, 8GB of on-board memory, NFC support and a 5MP camera with 720p video recording capability that’s the best we’ve seen on a BlackBerry device. (

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The happy Van

Not so happy but still definitely is a VAN! We made a trip to Miri from KK on Monday using this van to bring over all my boxes of wedding stuff we've bought. We couldn't use flights to carry them over all at once. Actually we can, but the overweight charges would be good enough to buy myself a new plane. We can't really use a forwarding company because most of the things are fragile, everything might arrived shattered in pieces.

The van was surprising comfortable (or I'm just too Sakai). Came back on Tuesday. The trip was really short because we had to rent this Van and rental is quite pricey. Plus, my brother had to work and we'd be in Miri again this Sunday anyway for Hari Raya.

The journey was about 8 hours per trip so the past two days, 16 hours of my life was spent on the road! Glad I had my pillows with me.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I curled my hair for the first time EVER!

I've been wanting to curl my hair for years now but don't really have the guts to do it. Not a risk taker when it comes to my hair. I've been on the same hairstyle almost all my life, just longer and shorter (but it has to be below shoulders). Mom disapproves me spoiling my hair with all types of chemicals too so she's not into me doing any coloring, straightening or curling of any sort. Though I managed to color it once 2 years back but didn't get around of doing it again. Maintenance is such a fuss and expensive!

I finally did it yesterday. I opt for digital perm and the whole thing took FOUR hours! It was that long cos I have thick hair and since my hair is still a *ehem* virgin, it takes a lot longer time to absorb the chemicals.

Saying my last goodbye to my straight hair

Chemicals spread evenly on hair.

The thingy that makes the hair curl! My hair is long and thick. Add in those rollers and sponges I felt like I was carrying two heads instead of one. Super heavy! I couldn't even move my neck.

I came to the saloon prepared. Brought along a book I purchased yesterday. At least I didn't have to spend the FOUR hours reading some past issues of Seventeen and Cleo, or flip through pictures in the Chinese mags.

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen. So far so good! I'm going really slow and taking my time to read this one. Don't want to finish another book so soon.

The result!

So what do you think? While doing my hair, the hair stylist asked my age and when she found out, she said I have baby face. Yes you can see me grinning from one ear to the other the whole time! But when I was done and my hair was all curled up, she then said "No more baby, big girl already!" LOL! Some commented I look more matured now. I personally like it but I'm still not used to styling curly hair so I'm a mess right now.

Not only it was FOUR hours, I had to carry those heavy curlers on my head, now I can't wash my hair for the next three days. What women are willing to go through in the name of beauty -_- No pain no gain!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Woman sustains burns in acid splash

Woman sustains burns in acid splash -

This news saddens and terrifies me all at the same time. Terrifying because this case happened so near to my home! I'm so sad how inhumane people can be. Enough with trying to rob the person, they're making the victims go through a life-time of suffering.

These idiots must have watched too much TV and news to follow the acts of the acid splashers in KL. Really, what do you get? The only way to get these people pay for what they've done is not just some time in jail. We should shower them with acids up to their bones! Better, make them drink those acids and go die.

Motive is still unknown. Be safe people. The madness has reached our land.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern

When we reached the airport yesterday, our flight is still 4 hours away and we were so early, our check-in counter was not even open yet.

I got really bored and I didn't want to drain my phone's battery from emailing Zech and checking on facebook/twitter all the time so I went to the book shop hoping to get some magazines because they are a a few ringgits cheaper there compared to here (or how they like to refer it as East Malaysia).

So there I was in the shop going through shelves of books and magazines when I saw this book, Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern. Now who doesn't know Cecilia Ahern! If you don't know her by her books, then you know the movie that they've adapted from her novel, P/S I love you. I glanced through the summary and I thought the story was cute.

Thing is, I haven't been reading any books for so many years now when people ask me if I do like to read, I'd say only magazines. Truth is, since way back in primary school and all through my high school years, I love books! If you can't find me at the CD store (there were no mp3s and I was a big fan of buying my boybands original CDs. You know, N Sync all that), you'd find me in a bookstore. I'd go out shopping and bring back 3 different books and 3 different CDs. No clothes, shoes or whatsoever in that category.

So I was quite hesitant in getting the book, not sure if I still have the interest or vibe in reading. I know the author is famous for great novels, the story from the summary is something I know I would love to read. With the thought of spending another 4 hours waiting? I grabbed the book, took the latest copy of Women's Weekly and Her World, purchased!

Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern

Guess what? I bought the book at 4pm yesterday at KLIA, 4pm today I'm done reading it! Done in less than 24 hours. I still got the vibe after all. Still a bookworm at heart! Event slept at 2am last night cos the next page can't wait for tomorrow.

All I have to say is, I love the book and was quite sad that it had to end. Yet I was so excited in getting myself another book! Most probably also by Cecelia Ahern. Any other suggestions? I love romantic comedies be it for movies or books. Sappy romance with hints of humor.

Sazzy Falak and Cameron Diaz on magazine covers

Sazzy's post pregnancy look is unbelievable. She's as gorgeous as ever! I want to have babies and look like her please please please?

Anyways, I'm definitely going book hunting again soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busy Bee

I am way busier while I'm on a break rather than being in the office! I've taken the month off before starting work at the new place after Hari Raya to help out with the wedding preparations and maybe get some mental rest while I'm at it.


Other than not having to wake up really early, my time is occupied with so many things to do and not to mention the traveling! This month alone I've been to KL and Miri both twice. I just got back from Miri last night and I'm heading to KL again tomorrow to accompany my mom and dad for a medical checkup. Then back to Miri again in two weeks for Hari Raya. How time flies! We're half way through Ramadhan already.

Some good news though. Our honeymoon plans are ON! We almost canceled any plans to go anywhere after the wedding due to the time constraint but Alhamdulillah thanks to Abg Boy and mom for their HUGE and generous wedding present, we're going ahead with it.

I'm not getting my London trip but that's okay. This is just as equally exciting if not better! So where are we heading?


We've been wanting to visit Universal Studios Singapore so this is definitely a dream come true! We'll be going two days after the wedding. Now I just need to draft out a really nice and awesome letter for my leave -_-

Image googled.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dior Addict Lip Glow

I'm not a big fan of lipsticks so I tend to purchase lip balms or sometimes lip gloss instead. I usually would buy one because I thought I need one, then I'd usually forget I have one and ends up not using it anyway. Goes out on a different day, sees a lip balm and again I thought I need it and it gives a nice shade, bought it then chucked to the corner of my makeup bag.

Unlike most girls, I don't have the habit of re-applying my lipsticks or lip gloss after a few hours or after a meal in a day. I would put it on before I leave home and that's it. I won't remember anything about it until my lips starts cracking.

This is all before I found Dior Addict Lip Glow. My friend Dina recommended this while we were on our usual girls-day-out. It was out of stock in KK so I bought mine while I was in KL last week. I now simply can't live without it! I've even cleared all other lipsticks or lipgloss in my daily makeup pouch.

It moisturizes the lips while giving this subtle hue or shades according to your lips! So different people who puts it on, it'll generate different color according to your skin tone. I now have beautiful gorgeous lips all day long! I would like to believe so lah...

Color Awakening Lipbalm

A made-to-measure lip balm that beautifies and durably enhances the lips’ natural color. A customized color result : thanks to its Color Reviver technology, Dior Addict Lip Glow reacts directly with the unique chemistry of each woman’s lips before releasing its color ingredient. Lips seem revived from within, amazingly fresh, full and radiant. In addition, its SPF10 formula enriched with wild mango and luffa cylindrica continuously protects and moisturizes. A universal balm for all lips. (

I would highly recommend this to those who are not all fancy about makeup but would love to enhance your look, not leaving your face looking too pale throughout the day.

You can get it at any Dior counters for RM88.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My wedding invitation cards

Now I'm in the midst of going trough our guests list and distributing the cards and it sure is giving us headaches. We started distributing the cards after receiving them to our families there in KL and Zech is in Kuching for the next 2 days to extend the invites to his side of the family while Mom & I try to settle with the invites for our side.

Our wedding invitation cards and 'thank you' tags are done by

I once praised and applaud my wedding invitation designer for her patience towards me being too detailed on A LOT of things for the cards, I can't even remember the amount of time I change the fonts alone!

I found out about them after trying to source online for possible companies or individuals who are able to do hard cover cards with great quality yet with a reasonable price in Malaysia. We know how Indonesia are famous for their really cheap hard covers! But we couldn't possibly travel that far and spend that much money just to get our invites done.

So I bookmarked the site and fast forward to a month ago, we went over to their office to meet up personally and discuss about what we want, what they have and what they could come up with. They actually do online orders but I can't risk doing my cards with an unknown person. After the meeting, we further finalize everything via emails.

We agreed on hard cover invites design for our Akad Nikah, while postcard type card for our Reception.

I've said it in that same post and I shall say it again, I give them infinity stars and an A with multiple plus (A+++?) for VERY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. She attends to my every single email with very fast response and make changes accordingly with no sighs and Sorry we can't do that but always with a Sure! and a No problem!

We went to KL to collect the cards (explains the absence). I personally asked a favor from them to drop it off at our hotel and again, I get a Sure! and they sure did. I'm not sure about you brides-to-be out there, but not many companies (or maybe none?) would go to such level with their customers so I was indeed lucky to have chosen them to do our cards.

Anyways... Mom, Zech and I were so happy when we saw both our Akad Nikah and Reception cards as well as our 'thank you' tags! We get exactly what we wanted and it definitely meets up to our expectations. Thank you Najah!


So to those who want hard cover cards for their wedding in Malaysia, try them out. They also do good quality postcard type cards, soft cover cards and thank you tags.

I am not paid or sponsored to write this post. Just a sincere review to share because I was so happy with my cards!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadhan 1432H/2011M

To all my Muslim family and friends, wishing you a blessed Ramadhan ahead.

I was searching through online since this evening for a full Ramadhan Buka Puasa schedule and finally found it. So to those living in Malaysia, you may click the link below for iftar schedule for all the States this year, or you may also visit

Waktu Imsak Dan Berbuka Puasa Negeri-Negeri Seluruh Malaysia Tahun 1432H/2011M

Still haven't decided on what's for Sahur later. My family don't usually serve a full course meal with rice for Sahur because most of us don't really have that much appetite so early in the morning. Yearly, we would just heat up some frozen roti canai, chicken curry, then fry some fries and make half boiled eggs. At times, I'll just make myself Ibumie, Mee Sedaap or sometimes I only eat kokocrunch!

Anyways, don't forget your niat puasa for the whole month tonight :)

Lafaz niat untuk sebulan puasa:
Sahaja aku berpuasa keseluruhan bulan Ramadhan kerana Allah Ta”ala

P/S: It's sad though Zech is spending his first day of Puasa offshore :(

Credit for niat puasa here.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Today I mourn

Received a forwarded email from my Aunt this morning and there I see it.


Press release by Majlis Islam Sarawak

Those living in Sarawak knows our famous Kek Lapis Sarawak and most Sarawak cookies are made with this butter as based. The butter helps to make our cake soft, creamy and the cookies sepor (not sure with the term in English?) The use of this butter as the main ingredient of our Sarawak cakes is done for so many years, even before my Opah's time!

Nyaman di renyok ngan nasik panas-panas and kicap!

On another note, it's good that they've discovered this matter now. As Muslims, we don't want to have pig's DNA in our food now do we. Hope those who gets this press release forward it to others as well.

I wonder what will everyone use to make their Kek Lapis and Semperet this year?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I got the job!

A few weeks back I was called for an interview for a post in a local power utility company. The interview day was in between my trip back and forth to KL and Miri so it was hectic trying to unpack then pack, preparing for the interview and rushing to the airport because my flight to Miri was the same day and immediately after the interview. Just thinking back about that day tires my brain already.

After graduation, this was my third interview. The first one, they didn't get back to me (fail lah), second was for my current job then this was the third, and also the most nerve wrecking! The session itself went really well but the agony of waiting for my turn was horror!

My turn was supposedly at 2pm so I was ready for a 2pm session. Thing is my flight to Miri was at 5.15pm so I was pretty much gambling with time hoping I'd get done with the interview just in time to be at the airport not to miss my flight. But a friend called saying that I could actually change my session to join hers in the morning!

So I called in and changed my session time but thing is, it was a first come first interview basis. I was already number 14. Guess what? Though I opt for the morning session, being number 14, my turn was also at 2pm -_- I had to wait for my turn from 10.30am! Imagine if I had not change my session time. I do get a bit worried seeing the number of people turning up for the interview, there were like 24 of them in total slimming out my chance on getting the job.

2 weeks later, got another phone call and I GOT THE JOB! *jumps up and down goes round and round throws confetti!*

Alhamdulillah :)

The friend I mentioned previously is a current colleague and we both got the job so yes, you can imagine the situation in my current office since we're both quitting at the same time!

Today is my second last day at work. Packing most of my things already and squeezing in some time to finish up as much outstanding works as I can while typing out a handover note to my boss.

Those who know me knows how much I wanted to leave my current company for various reasons. So I'm not really sad and sappy when it comes to handing in my resignation and quitting this job. To those who expects a speech of how I will miss it here, sorry disappoint you. But I am grateful and thankful that a year and a half ago, my boss gave me the opportunity to start my career here right after my graduation with no experience in hand.

My view 6 days a week for the past one year and a half

My kitty cat calendar I bought in Kuching

Starting work at the new place after Hari Raya. Will be getting a month rest while getting done with more Wedding related stuff. It's two months to go to the Wedding!

Oh by the way, I made it in time to the airport that day. Flight was at 5.15pm, arrived at the airport at 4.30pm. At 5.20pm they announced, the flight was delayed for TWO hours.


Free mcD meal though and glad Zech was with me. Thank you Sayang for driving me around, checking us in ahead of time and getting me a folder in between the interview! xoxo.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mel & Farish Lester: Married!

My bestfriend Mel had her solemnization on Saturday and Reception on Sunday. This wedding really came in as a surprise. She invited me just 2 weeks ago and prior to that, I had no idea she was actually prepping herself for the wedding. I was speechless at first and was very upset that I wasn't among the first to know. I've always imagined us helping with each others wedding prep, talking about it, discusses about it tons of times over mcD. She's that one person who is always there for me any single second of any day ever since we got to know each other in Uni. Every time I was feeling down and needed a companion to be at home with me while studying or just watching TV (I get seriously emotionally imbalanced very easily then), I'd just pick her up from her house and get her to sleepover at my place. She sometimes stays over for 2 weeks without both of us realizing it! Then she'd go home, do some laundry, cleans her house and there I'd be trying to kidnap her back home again. Now that she's married, I felt as if someone just took Mel away from me!

But as we all know, jodoh di tangan Allah. When the time comes, it just does. It took me the next 24 hours after her call to calm down and let everything digest into my head, then I sms her back saying Congratulations and asking hows her preparation, was she nervous and everything!

Alhamdulillah, the event went well. She looked absolutely stunning on both days. And I am sincerely happy for her :)


Mel & Farish, I wish you tons of happiness and semoga jodoh kekal hingga ke akhir hayat. Amin~

P/S: Farish, you better take good care of her or I'll kidnap her again!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Our wedding website

Cuts head wide open, takes out brain, place on table, letting brain rest and cools off.

Been sleeping at 2am twice this week trying to get done with more wedding related stuff. Specifically, the invitation cards and our wedding website. No, I am not designing or printing my own invitation cards because I have tons of other things to do. Better get someone good at it to do the cards so if anything goes wrong I can shoot them they'll get all the blame and I have someone to point my finger at.

Ok lah, that's not the reason. I don't trust myself in doing my own invites. I'm too detailed with everything I might shoot my own brain out while designing. Luckily I've got a great team to do it and the designer has been super nice and super friendly accommodating to all my fussy little details. I hope she doesn't hate me!

I go as bad as wanting them to change fonts of our names a couple of times -_- Not to mention my mom who wants the Kepada on the envelope to be aligned to the left instead of the center. See?

But I had to provide them samples, details, and since I almost exactly know what I want, I go very specific in my emails so I ended up with endless correspondence with the designer. Plus, I had to always ask Mom and Zech for approval.

Will let you know who are the team that's doing my invites once all cards ready, printed out, distributed and I am one very contented and satisfied customer. So far, I give them infinity stars and an A with multiple plus (A+++?) for VERY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Will have a separate post thanking them personally.

Last but not least, while they try to finish up on my invites design, I try to finish up my wedding website. I kinda like the idea of Save the Date wedding sites in the US and they're slowly picking up here in Malaysia. However, again, since I'm too detailed and know exactly what I want, I opt for doing it myself. It's difficult to get someone to do it and explaining long long how you want it to be. It may not look very professional or awesome, but I like it! Of course lah I like, I designed it myself -_-

Pictures used in the website are our Pre-Wedding pictures taken by the extremely talented Anna-Rina.

So, here it is! Our wedding website world premiere! (Rasa macam world premiere video clip MTV)

Do drop by and leave a message on our Guestbook :)

Sleeping at 2am makes my head dizzy in the morning and I'm being less productive in the office. Will get back on track by next week, hopefully.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ramadhan Food & Fair @ Wisma Wanita '11

Remember I posted an entry about a banner design I made for an event coming up here in KK?

If you don't, CLICK HERE.

But if you do, the banner's up! I haven't seen it yet but the organizers uploaded a photo of the banner being hung at the roadside of the venue. Here it is!


The banner is for the upcoming RAMADHAN FOOD & FAIR @ WISMA WANITA '11. If you read my previous entry, you'd know how I end up getting the designing job. The bazaar is organized by Akif Jaya Sdn Bhd and Sabahan Blogshop Flea Market, supported by Jabatan Hal Ehwal Wanita Sabah.

It is now up for the world to see! Ok, so maybe for those who are staying in KK. Will be driving pass the venue later to see it myself and maybe get some vanity shots ;P

If you're living in KK, now we have more options on places to visit during Ramadhan. To those who are interested in getting a lot, it's still not too late! Hurry though, lots are finishing fast. For more information, you may visit the event page on facebook.

Thanks Nirwana for the opportunity :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Where the journey begins

It has been a year...

Our wedding journey shall end in 2 months time, but it will be the beginning of another new lifetime journey where we'll write our very own happy ending :) I love you. Forever and always.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Painting my tummy red

What I miss most about KL right now will definitely be this.


The Red Velvet cake from Illy Espressamente. I had a slice a day while I was there.

5 days = 5 slices = FAT!

I know I was suppose to be on diet but the cake was just heavenly smooth, creamy, and perfect. No picture of the cake cos the only time I remembered to take a picture of it, I've ate it all.

I shall eat you soon again my darling cake. Wait for me!

Friday, July 15, 2011

KL - KK - Miri

The past one week has been BUSY!


  1. Went to KL for 5 days mostly to settle more wedding stuff. Managed to get done with the doorgifts for Akad Nikah, invitations cards, our shoes, outfits for malam berinai, kain for families and... I'm not sure what else.
  2. Got myself a new handbag and purse. I got these and pretty much ended my shopping spree there. The two items burned whatever cash I had with me -_-
  3. Came back from KL and I had TWO interviews. One of it was yesterday, on the same day of my flight to Miri (yes, I'm in Miri now). I had to wait from 10am to 2pm for my turn and my flight was at 5.15pm! I didn't pack my stuff the night before so the only time I had left was after the interview. Rushed home, packed, then off to the airport!
  4. My flight got delayed for TWO hours -_- free mcD meal though.
  5. Arrived Miri last night then went directly to the Hotel where our reception will be at for food tasting.
  6. Then PENGSAN!
Finally sitting down at Grandma's dining table typing this out while catching a breather. Hope to get some rest this weekend before having to face 'some attitude' at the office on Monday.

As for the interview, I'm gona cross my fingers and toes until tulang patah, pray really hard that I'll get it! Insyaallah :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dad turns 55

Happy Birthday Bapak!

The highlight to Dad's birthday this year will definitely be his cake. You see the thing is with my Dad, whenever he's at home, he's the only one in control of the Astro remote control! And it's not that we don't want to watch TV with him but his channel preferences are either Astro Awani, Discovery Channel or the Turbo channel. Oh and TV3 for his prime time news. The only time we get to watch our channels for movies, reality shows or anything other than that is when he's asleep or outstation for work.

So for his 55th birthday, what could be more perfect that getting him this!


The idea came out of my frustration one night after being bored at 8.30pm not knowing what to do and I can't watch the TV cos Dad's watching his news. Then his news again at Awani. Then more news. Then cars. Then some history or biography. Then more cars!

This has to be his perfect surprise cake! We ordered it from Boutique Cupcakes.

We first hide the real remote. I purposely left the TV on E! channel so when it's 8pm he was furious searching for his remote to watch the news. We kept quiet in the kitchen until he starts asking where's the remote. We helped him to "search" when we asked Zech to bring the cake out and we all shouted, "There! Your remote!".

Thing is, my Dad was so focused on searching for the remote to change the channel he ACTUALLY THOUGHT IT WAS THE REAL REMOTE AND GRABBED THE CAKE REMOTE! We burst out laughing because he did not even realize it was his birthday cake! LOL!

We only gave him the real remote after cutting the cake ;P

Have to be up by 3am later cos our flight to KL is at 6am. I'm going off to KL tomorrow with Mom and Zech to settle more wedding related stuff. Will be away for 5 days. Hopefully KL will not be as bad as the rumours I've heard for this Saturday's rally.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Designed by yours truly

I haven't had a short deadline for the longest time in my life I think was gasping even in my sleep! But the feeling of looking at the accomplishment after that, now that is priceless.

I finally got my first official designing job! Not something I do to help family or friends but an actual design of posters and banners for an event coming up here in KK. For the first time ever, my own work will be printed out HUGE and be displayed around the city for thousands of eyes to see every single day! And I get to put in a "Designed by" ad for myself on the banner. Now how cool is that! I didn't want to have my name and number, so I had my email address instead. But with my FULL NAME! LOL.

This job was so last minute though. I had the confirmation at noon and they wanted the design to be done and emailed back to them for review the same day. So I went home for lunch and started the concept of the design, then went back to the office. Came back from the office at 5pm then get back to it again and managed to email them the design by 8pm. I only get to shower after that!

Zech made me bread burger (beef burger using toasted white bread cos we didn't have the burger bun) for dinner so ate that while struggling to finish up my design. Thank you Sayang!

BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. Woke up with an email at 6.30am today saying they liked my design and would want me to reconstruct it to fit a banner that they would print out! I was so happy I jumped right off bed and told my mom, called Zech up and fixed my bed with a smile :)

They did mentioned however, they wanted the revised design by noon. TODAY.

So I packed my laptop and designed during lunch while fueling myself up with Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Managed to get it done on time and emailed it before heading back to the office to settle my other office works.

I am tired but I am happy! I told Zech that I would want to be there when they get the banner up so I could take pictures with it. It is history in the making!

I won't be releasing any of my work here just yet but I will very soon, maybe a week before the event starts :)

But I can however provide you a link to the event on their facebook page, CLICK CLICK. The poster is already up!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Just 7 months old, the website hosts more than 40 designers with tons of varieties on everything latest in trend and fashion.

Above all, what I like best about fashionvalet is how they have aimed to distinguish and help market our very own local Malaysian fashion designers! When I first found out about the site, I did not know most of the brands, or maybe all the brands in there. But I was surprised how everything looked so gorgeous! If it's the pictures then they've done a good job in getting the clothes looking good. As for price range, the designer's clothes are acceptably reasonable and some does cater for high end shoppers.

At first, I wasn't sure of spending hundreds of ringgits on designers that I have never heard of but following their update every Mondays and Thursdays (followed their Twitter so I can't say no to the link that screams "CLICK ME! because the site is updated with more gorgeous stuff you don't want to miss out and burn holes in your pockets for!" - of course it didn't sound like that) it is just irresistible. Every time I browse through, there's always a piece I would want to just add to cart!

I gave in to temptations and purchased these:


Checked out and paid at 4pm YESTERDAY and guess what? Was so excited when I got home from work TODAY to see my Poslaju package sitting right there on the sofa waiting for me to rip it apart! Talk about excellent efficiency and look at their packaging! All that was worth the amount I paid for. They will notify you when they receive payment and also will update you when the items are shipped out from their place together with the tracking number. Oh how I heart technology! Oh by the way, free shipping when you purchased above RM200.

Look at the effort they gave on the design of the envelope!

Neatly wrapped up in plastic.

Tried both tops on and it fits perfectly! Glad that they also provide measurements for each sizes so you can't really go wrong. SUPER HAPPY!

But what caught my attention was my Lilou top. Look what I found!


Ask Your Mom How To Do Your Laundry!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

To tell or not to tell

What would you do if you found out that someone you know (family/friends) is being cheated on?

Would you tell?

If it happens to you, would you want that person who knows to tell you?

Now here's the problem from what I see. People would want to stay out and not interfere with other people's relationship but it's okay for them to gossip and laugh at the couple. If this kind of thing happens, they would rather just keep it to themselves, gossip, maybe tell everyone around you then everyone would know, everyone would talk about it... but you are clueless. Or worse, the last to know.

BUT if they tell you, would you believe them? Or believe the love of your life (who possibly cheats on you?)

Nauzubillah min zalik.

I do not wish to be in either situation but if I would to find out my bestfriends are being cheated on, I would tell them because I'll be there for them to be the shoulder for them to cry on, and to kick the boyfriend's asses and balls off to Pluto.

Oh dear family and friends, fear not after reading this post because it is not happening to you. At least not to my knowledge (because I would tell you if I know!). It's just a thought because it can happen right?

Urghh... too much watching Malay drama on TV. I should have just stayed with my CSI and House.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let's fly! Imaginarily

Let's flyyyyyyyy... Up up here we go go! Up up here we go go!

I just had to do that when I type the word fly. So anyways,


No, I don't want to buy a plane silly! I want to go to LONDON! I want to. Not that I'm going. YET.

So here's the thing. I've been stalking following Balqiz's blog for quite a while now and you see, all she had to do was begged the universe dramatically, refuse to blog (failed) until she gets her iMac.


Freaking jealous ok. So I'm going to try my luck and do exactly the same! But of course, since she failed from not blogging, I won't repeat that step just in case it works faster this way.

I'm not very dramatic tonight so I made a a graphical request instead.

Please? Let me and my future hubby fly to London for our honeymoon please? Pretty-bats-eyelashes-please?

Oh well, it's worth a try -___-

Why London? I've just always wanted to go there. It seems like everyone's been there and even looking at the pictures I can feel the cold breeze on my face. And it seems that every single picture you take in London is beautiful! Even if you just stand next to a lamp post! It's quite a realistic dream though. I didn't ask to go to North Pole.

But just in case this don't work, I'll get ready a Chicken-Bank (I figured Piggy bank is too common) and get my fiance to save with me.

We can do this Sayang!

Since we're here already, lets add a Macbook Pro and an Ipad 2 too please. I will get us a very BIG Chicken-Bank!

Picture credit here and here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I love food

Yes, that simple. I love food!

But with the wedding coming up, all I get from everyone around me is asking me to skip meals, not to eat rice, skip dinner, no fried food, skip any type of cakes, skip fast foods, skip desserts, and yes go on... add on to the list.

If I do it anyway, they'd tell me... "It's okay, you have months to go!"

I am pressured to be thin :(

I can't blame them. I do need to loose weight if I want to look good that day. Why does looking good is associated with being thin? So not fair! I feel guilty just thinking of Carbonara right now!

Let's do the math. You go all way out being skinny for your wedding, you throw confetti over yourself because you think you look good on your wedding day and everyone complimented you look good, then you're happily married and cook dinner for your hubby every night where you would join him because you're so happy, then you would gain more weight because you're happy, 3 months later you're pregnant.

Then? See where I'm going with this?

I have been short and chubby my entire life! Not fat... just you know, chubby.

Ok, fine. No more excuses. Will start my diet soon.


Yes, SOON! ;P

Monday, June 27, 2011

The other thing that I do

For those who have known me all my life, I spend tons of hours in front of the computer connected to the internet. There's just always something to do! Checking emails, Google needed information, Google useless information, blog hopping, facebook stalking updates and not to forget my constant online shopping! Being a student years back, it gave me a lot more reasons to be in front of the laptop doing my then, endless assignments.

Through out it all, I noticed one little thing I really like to do. Graphic design.


Yes! I always find things to tweak in photoshop (weirdly enough, even senseless engineering diagrams), sleepless nights tweaking html codes just so that my blog would look 'alright', not to mention some posters and banners I help to design back in Uni.

I am not necessarily good at it, but I still keep on doing it anyway. I had numerous ideas with my cousin on setting up blogshops where I get to design my header, sidebar banners, anything really. We failed about 5 times with 5 different business ideas before we succeeded with ONE. The only one that worked but we had to end it cos summer holidays were over and it's hard to juggle so many things when class starts.

I never really compiled or collected any of my work because I always feel it's not good enough and at most times I think it's crappy after a while. I still wanted to go on with an online business and still brainstormed for ideas even after getting a permanent job. Again, all fails due to lack of resources and, lack of time.

Are you still reading? Or have you dozed off already? Bare with me it's ending soon!

Cutting my very long story short, I knew this was one thing that I really like to do so I tried helping a friend to design her sister's wedding invitation card. Surprisingly, they liked it! Then few weeks back, a friend just opened a home based cafe selling noodles in Miri and she tweeted asking for someone generous enough to design their logo for them. I volunteered! At this point, I was super happy cos I had designing work to do and went straight to it. I shyly mentioned to her that I don't mind being rejected. It is my first try designing a logo anyways so let's not put up any expectations.

Then I was done, emailed her and guess what? SHE LIKED IT! I was so happy I could jump out of my window, fly to space and shout to infinity and beyond!! *cough*ehem*cough*

Yup, that's the logo. Quite simple huh. I even made a matching facebook profile picture for their facebook page. If you're in Miri, give D' Noodle a visit or just drop by their facebook page! I'll only get to try their food on my next visit, which is just 2 weeks away.

I also helped design her Aunt's cupcake business logo. And fortunate enough SHE LIKED IT TOO! Isn't my virtual cupcake yummy and lovely? No? Fine.

I hope I can do this more often though (hint: Anyone who needs help in designing their new small business logo or blog header or anything, just let me know! - end of shameless self promo)