Saturday, June 14, 2014

Outsmart Your Cholesterol Naturally!

Shaklee's Phytocol-ST contains 2000mg Phytosterol. 

Phytosterols are compounds synthesized in plants, having the ability to lower down cholesterol naturally. 

Especially design for individuals with high cholesterol levels or for those who are health cautious. Afterall, prevention is always better than cure ;)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Shaklee Mighty 3 Gems Set for Ramadhan

So what's so Mighty about this Gem Set?

Shaklee set perfect for Ramadhan. Boleh diambil sebagai Sahur untuk rasa kenyang yg lebih lama dan bertenaga atau pun semasa Buka Puasa supaya rasa lebih segar dan bertenaga untuk Solat Sunat Terawih :)

Kenapa ESP, Mealshake dan Performance drink? 

ESP - Indeks Glisemik yang rendah membuatkan kita lebih bertenaga, mengatasi masalah gastrik & membantu untuk rasa kenyang yang lebih lama. 

Mealshake - Mengandungi 19 vitamin utama dan mineral tambahan untuk memastikan badan kita sentiasa menerima nutrien yang cukup walaupun berpuasa. 

Performance Drink - Minuman isotonik tanpa gas untuk mengelakkan dehidrasi, mengekalkan kandungan air dalam badan & memberikan 3 jenis karbohidrat untuk memberikan tenaga. 

Jom dapatkan sekarang sebelum Ramadhan! :) 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

ESP Banana Shake Recipe

How I take my Energizing Soy Protein - ESP banana shake!

2 tablespoon ESP
2 tablespoon Quacker Oats
2 bananas
Water + ice cubes

Just blend all the ingredients. You'll have a smooth and yummy shake! I usually do it to substitute meals because this can be VERY filling. 

Some of the benefits of Shaklee's ESP;

Manfaat ESP

♥Menganjalkan kulit dan payudara.
♥ESP juga membantu menghasilkan susu ibu yang lebih pekat dan berkrim kesannya bayi akan cepat kenyang dan kurang meragam.
♥Mencantikkan kulit, halus, gebu dan berseri.
♥Memperbaiki struktur kulit.
♥Cepat kenyang dan membantu dalam pengurusan berat badan.
♥Menyingkirkan sel kulit mati dan menghilangkan parut jerawat.
♥Membekalkan tenaga berjam-jam lamanya - kurang letih.
♥Penting untuk pertumbuhan kuku dan rambut yang sihat.
♥Bagi ibu menyusu, ESP membantu menghasilkan susu dengan lebih cepat.
♥Kunci melawan penyakit.
♥Bagi ibu mengandung, ESP membekalkan asid amino yang bertindak untuk otot dan organ bayi.
♥ESP membantu pertumbuhan plasenta, uterus, dan untuk membantu aliran darah ibu yang sentiasa bertambah semasa mengandung.
♥Sangat membantu ibu2 yang mengalami morning sickness kerana ESP membekalkan tenaga.
♥bagus untuk ibu hamil yg ingin mengurangkan tanda-tanda stretch mark 


Sunday, June 8, 2014

The sailor went to sea sea sea

Families from Miri drove down to KK for the weekend and school holidays! It was fun having them around. The last time all of them were here was for my brother's wedding more than a year ago. 

Welcomed them yesterday with what KK is most known for ... Other than our sandy beaches, beautiful islands, Mount Kinabalu and many other things.

Seafood! - 

The food was great but today... It was even better. Even more seafood but to top it all off...

Can you see the size of that thing?! Fresh tiger prawns and squids on the grill! We drove up to Rikaraya Fishing Park at Kota Belud for some fresh seafood and to just enjoy some sceneries out of the city. We've been here a couple of times before for lunch and it could get a little bit heaty at noon. So some late lunch was just perfect!

Spent some time there until after sunset before heading back. Zarra had a great time too looking at all the boats and fishes :)

With all those eatings the past 2 days, time for some detoxing. 

Shaklee's Herb-Lax helps in removing fats and toxins in the body. 

Other than detoxing, Shaklee Herb-Lax also provides a combination of herbs that has been traditionally used for the relief of occasional constipation and to improve bowel movement.

Glad I got it handy! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014


My second workout this week and its Bokwa. That's Essy and I after the session with me complaining and most of the time thinking what have I got myself into. It was my first so I wasn't sure what to expect. At the beginning it felt more like Zumba with all the steps and dancing but almost to the end of it, we had to do body lifting. The moment the instructor was saying

"Ok, let's start with 30 Squats! Come on!"

I rolled my eyes at Essy - a little bit part of me died inside. I quit at 10. Then she goes

"Alright! 20 sets of lunges! Here we go!"

At this time, I just forced out whatever energy and muscle I had left to just make sure I don't totally quit the session. Why? I have 40-50 year olds Aunties in front of me doing all these gracefully. 

Safe to say the session was totally worth it. Though I was so drained out I couldn't feel my legs at the end of it all, I enjoyed most of it! Will definitely do it again - and maybe not feel my arms next time hehe

I foresee lots of pain tomorrow. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You, me and Vitamin E

Vitamin E is well known for being good - but what actually the nutrient does?
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin. Therefore, apart form functioning as antioxidant and its roles in anti-inflammatory processes, inhibition of platelet aggregation, and immune enhancement - you'll get beautiful skin!

 With so many brands for Vitamin E, why Shaklee?

Affordable : 120 Capsules = minimum 2 months supply = value for money!
10mg Selenium : Assist our body to absorb the Vitamin E more efficiently.
Always available : Just sms/whatsapp and you'll have it the next day! :)

Ready stock Vita-E Complex. Buy 6 free 1! Purchase today to enjoy the promo.

If your goal is to have healthy and beautiful skin, free from pimples and pimple scars, there's a set made just for you!

Shaklee Vita-E Complex + ESP + Vita-C.

Thousands of testimonies online from those who have tried just Vita-E, or with ESP, or the whole set - suit to you budget! Just google it and you'll be amazed :)

SID ID: 1148836
SMS/Whatsapp: 0168319601 (Nadia)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Soy Protein and Whey Protein

After so many months of searching for the right exercising class, I finally found one that has just the perfect timing at Stadium Likas. They have a few classes everyday, the 5.45pm was just nice for me. I can go directly after work and yet still be home early to spend some time with Zarra :) Thanks Essy for the intro! 

Had a conversation after our workout today on the role of protein in exercise recovery (we're amateurs definitely, but still a good topic!). So I was confident saying that I'm consuming Energising Soy Protein from Shaklee so I kinda got that covered. But then I realized, just maybe it's different from Whey protein (what fitness people usually consume). If it's different, I'll have to clarify and make sure not to get the wrong info out. This leads to a bit of researching (I meant googling of course) - hoping that I was right. Well... I was kinda right. The main difference is where Soy and Whey Protein come from, and how it is derived. Many prefers Whey though Soy has gained its popularity after researches have shown that Soy protein can be used as an alternative or mixed with Whey - depending on the results that you want.
It still amazes me how Shaklee ESP has so much benefits, even more than what is already being promoted by everyone. Anyways, the workout was great and I foresee muscle pain tomorrow. Or the protein is suppose to help me ease the pain? Ok, I go google now.

P/S: I can't promote a product that I wasn't sure about. So researching and studying is definitely a must!