Thursday, December 29, 2011

The beauty of Inai

Here in Malaysia, we have quite adapted the Indian/Arabic culture of having henna on the bride's hands and feet during weddings though theirs are usually very complicatedly designed. I on the other hand have almost opted for not having any henna done on me for my wedding. Even if I do, I wanted the simplest of it all, having it done only at the end of every fingers.

What? I'm simple like that!

One day, my cousin bbm me asking how's my henna design going to be and I told her of my plans. She thought I was insane for not getting any flowery details done! So she started to google up pictures and tag me on facebook in hope to change my mind. But what really did made me changed my mind wasn't the pictures she found, but that one statement she made...

"Mun dah umor 50 baruk nak polah, lak orang madah gila!" (If you only plan to do it when you're 50, then you'd look like some kinda old hagged woman trying to relive her youth cos she missed out on it on her wedding day!)

Come to think of it, why not? So I did it! It went way out of simplicity cos the person who made it and my Mak Andam wanted to try something different and bling it up. It looked weird at first and definitely soooo not me, but a few compliments that morning and I just gave it a go (it's either it really looked good or they just wanted to make me FEEL like it looked good).

Anyways, it does look good in pictures I think?

Taken while waiting for him to get the other hand done

Hubby waiting for his turn

Almost done! This was the night before the Akad Nikah.

On my Akad Nikah day

Beautiful and I was satisfied indeed. Now 3 months later, this is all that is left. Yup, only the thumb! Sooooo sad :(