Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sunglasses Crazy

I simply can't live without a pair myself. Just a few minutes in the hot sun squinting my eyes gives me a huge headache. With the heat and UV rays we're getting on this part of earth, we need protection as much as possible for our skin... and not forgetting our eyes! For the skin, we have sunblocks and mosturizers with SPF, but for the eyes, all we need is a good pair of sunglasses. And it's always a good fashion statement when you're all dressed up or on a casual day out. So you don't always just need a pair, you can have 20 different pairs all you like to go with your outfit or mood!

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Or you can go crazy all you want!

Which reminds me, I need a new pair. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

GLA COMPLEX Benefits (difference with EPO)

GLA COMPLEX is Shaklee's very own EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) but better! How? 

EPO is extracted from evening primrose seeds and contains a high concentration of a fatty acid called GLA and it is this fatty acid that is largely responsible for the remarkable healing properties. 

GLA COMPLEX is extracted from borage seed oil and contains TWICE the amount of GLA compared to EPO. 

It promotes well-being during monthly cycle. GLA has been traditionally used to relieve menstrual pain, headache, regulate menstruation and to relieve symptoms of menopaus.

Shaklee GLA Complex is a unique formulation that helps in regulating the flow of blood and is easily absorbed. 

Shaklee GLA Complex is a combination of borage oil, which contains a natural highly concentration of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), linoleic acid (LA), sunflower oil and vitamin E. Some of the benefits are:

1. GLA (gamma linolenic acid) which helps our bodies form prostaglandins - potent hormone-like substances that help regulate many bodily processes, such as healthy blood flow and the protection of arterial walls.

2. Borage oil, which contains a highly potent natural concentration of GLA in an easily absorbed form

3. Sunflower seed oil, another source of omega-6 fatty acids

4. Vitamin E, which helps protect arterial walls and supports the immune system by helping to maintain cell integrity.

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