Thursday, June 30, 2011

To tell or not to tell

What would you do if you found out that someone you know (family/friends) is being cheated on?

Would you tell?

If it happens to you, would you want that person who knows to tell you?

Now here's the problem from what I see. People would want to stay out and not interfere with other people's relationship but it's okay for them to gossip and laugh at the couple. If this kind of thing happens, they would rather just keep it to themselves, gossip, maybe tell everyone around you then everyone would know, everyone would talk about it... but you are clueless. Or worse, the last to know.

BUT if they tell you, would you believe them? Or believe the love of your life (who possibly cheats on you?)

Nauzubillah min zalik.

I do not wish to be in either situation but if I would to find out my bestfriends are being cheated on, I would tell them because I'll be there for them to be the shoulder for them to cry on, and to kick the boyfriend's asses and balls off to Pluto.

Oh dear family and friends, fear not after reading this post because it is not happening to you. At least not to my knowledge (because I would tell you if I know!). It's just a thought because it can happen right?

Urghh... too much watching Malay drama on TV. I should have just stayed with my CSI and House.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let's fly! Imaginarily

Let's flyyyyyyyy... Up up here we go go! Up up here we go go!

I just had to do that when I type the word fly. So anyways,


No, I don't want to buy a plane silly! I want to go to LONDON! I want to. Not that I'm going. YET.

So here's the thing. I've been stalking following Balqiz's blog for quite a while now and you see, all she had to do was begged the universe dramatically, refuse to blog (failed) until she gets her iMac.


Freaking jealous ok. So I'm going to try my luck and do exactly the same! But of course, since she failed from not blogging, I won't repeat that step just in case it works faster this way.

I'm not very dramatic tonight so I made a a graphical request instead.

Please? Let me and my future hubby fly to London for our honeymoon please? Pretty-bats-eyelashes-please?

Oh well, it's worth a try -___-

Why London? I've just always wanted to go there. It seems like everyone's been there and even looking at the pictures I can feel the cold breeze on my face. And it seems that every single picture you take in London is beautiful! Even if you just stand next to a lamp post! It's quite a realistic dream though. I didn't ask to go to North Pole.

But just in case this don't work, I'll get ready a Chicken-Bank (I figured Piggy bank is too common) and get my fiance to save with me.

We can do this Sayang!

Since we're here already, lets add a Macbook Pro and an Ipad 2 too please. I will get us a very BIG Chicken-Bank!

Picture credit here and here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I love food

Yes, that simple. I love food!

But with the wedding coming up, all I get from everyone around me is asking me to skip meals, not to eat rice, skip dinner, no fried food, skip any type of cakes, skip fast foods, skip desserts, and yes go on... add on to the list.

If I do it anyway, they'd tell me... "It's okay, you have months to go!"

I am pressured to be thin :(

I can't blame them. I do need to loose weight if I want to look good that day. Why does looking good is associated with being thin? So not fair! I feel guilty just thinking of Carbonara right now!

Let's do the math. You go all way out being skinny for your wedding, you throw confetti over yourself because you think you look good on your wedding day and everyone complimented you look good, then you're happily married and cook dinner for your hubby every night where you would join him because you're so happy, then you would gain more weight because you're happy, 3 months later you're pregnant.

Then? See where I'm going with this?

I have been short and chubby my entire life! Not fat... just you know, chubby.

Ok, fine. No more excuses. Will start my diet soon.


Yes, SOON! ;P

Monday, June 27, 2011

The other thing that I do

For those who have known me all my life, I spend tons of hours in front of the computer connected to the internet. There's just always something to do! Checking emails, Google needed information, Google useless information, blog hopping, facebook stalking updates and not to forget my constant online shopping! Being a student years back, it gave me a lot more reasons to be in front of the laptop doing my then, endless assignments.

Through out it all, I noticed one little thing I really like to do. Graphic design.


Yes! I always find things to tweak in photoshop (weirdly enough, even senseless engineering diagrams), sleepless nights tweaking html codes just so that my blog would look 'alright', not to mention some posters and banners I help to design back in Uni.

I am not necessarily good at it, but I still keep on doing it anyway. I had numerous ideas with my cousin on setting up blogshops where I get to design my header, sidebar banners, anything really. We failed about 5 times with 5 different business ideas before we succeeded with ONE. The only one that worked but we had to end it cos summer holidays were over and it's hard to juggle so many things when class starts.

I never really compiled or collected any of my work because I always feel it's not good enough and at most times I think it's crappy after a while. I still wanted to go on with an online business and still brainstormed for ideas even after getting a permanent job. Again, all fails due to lack of resources and, lack of time.

Are you still reading? Or have you dozed off already? Bare with me it's ending soon!

Cutting my very long story short, I knew this was one thing that I really like to do so I tried helping a friend to design her sister's wedding invitation card. Surprisingly, they liked it! Then few weeks back, a friend just opened a home based cafe selling noodles in Miri and she tweeted asking for someone generous enough to design their logo for them. I volunteered! At this point, I was super happy cos I had designing work to do and went straight to it. I shyly mentioned to her that I don't mind being rejected. It is my first try designing a logo anyways so let's not put up any expectations.

Then I was done, emailed her and guess what? SHE LIKED IT! I was so happy I could jump out of my window, fly to space and shout to infinity and beyond!! *cough*ehem*cough*

Yup, that's the logo. Quite simple huh. I even made a matching facebook profile picture for their facebook page. If you're in Miri, give D' Noodle a visit or just drop by their facebook page! I'll only get to try their food on my next visit, which is just 2 weeks away.

I also helped design her Aunt's cupcake business logo. And fortunate enough SHE LIKED IT TOO! Isn't my virtual cupcake yummy and lovely? No? Fine.

I hope I can do this more often though (hint: Anyone who needs help in designing their new small business logo or blog header or anything, just let me know! - end of shameless self promo)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Promosi 2011 Kraf Malaysia

The weather has been exceptionally hot today. No, make that the past few weeks now. It hardly rains and when it does, it'll be raining for 15 minutes max somewhere in the middle of the night! I could roast beef and chicken, maybe boil an egg or two on my car's dashboard.

Visited the Kraf Malaysia's exhibition at Lintasan Deasoka yesterday and today. Except for the heat, I would have stayed a lot longer to view all the things they were selling but it was too unbearable. Managed to purchase things for Raya and the Wedding!

Mom and I have been worried about the heat during our Akad Nikah because it will be held before noon. By the time it's done it will be noon and if this weather stays all the way until October, imagine the heat our guests will have to go through sitting under the canopies on our front porch! So we've decided that other than receiving door gifts, each guest will get a hand fan to ease their pain! *Tell me I'm smart now*

Getting the right one is tough. Really good ones are expensive and if it's too cheap, it'll break even before you start to fan yourself. Luckily we found a type yesterday at the exhibition that has an acceptably good quality and reasonably priced! And the colour is perfect, it's Blue! Got the person to order hundreds more and we collected it today. Another item to strike off from our endless to-do list!

We also got Zech's Kain Songket as his samping for Akad Nikah. It is authenticly hand made from Terengganu. I also got myself a kain Sutera Batik from Terengganu for Raya! SUPER HAPPY! Going to send the kain to my tailor tomorrow and hunt for matching kain for Zech's baju melayu. We bought all these from a lady named Kak Yah. She's really nice for giving us a REALLY good bargain!

My kain for Raya

With Kak Yah

Bought a bangle for RM5!

The sellers were complaining of the heat because the exhibition was done in an open space unlike last year, it was done in 1Borneo. Perhaps the organizer might want to reconsider their next exhibition venue.

Can it please rain already? *fans self with some random piece of paper*

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hello there

I start to blog again!

I have been neglecting my blog for more than a year now especially since I had the Blackberry, I seem to constantly update my twitter and it's just way more convenient compared to opening up blogger then start to compose something out word by word.

But I have to admit there are times when 140 characters are just not enough! So I guess after going through a series of unfortunate events (i just had to type that out!) I mean, after going through a lot of times when I wish was still blogging because there is so much more to say, here I am.

Going through my old blog, I love how I documented my life in Uni and there were things I don't remember now that I did then. I wish to do the same now (hopefully!) so that one day, I could still look back and go through my daily rants and remember the littlest things I have forgotten.

I wanted to create a new blog but I hate trying to find the right url name. I usually come up with the lamest things! So before I embarrassed myself with something like, I might as well use this url back.

What happened to the old entries? Changed the url to something else and made it private. I didn't have the heart to delete everything because there were so much memories in there. Reading them back, I also noticed I haha, hehe, LOL, and ! a whole lot! I'm such a syok-sendiri-blogger! Will try to minimize that from now on so that I'll sound more sensible and matured *pukes-a-bucket-of-blood*

Come to think of it, I started blogging at the age of 16 while I was in form 4. My classmate kinda intro-ed to me the whole thing and it has been going on since. Blogging has come a long way the past 9 years. I remember the internet connection then was a dial up 1515 that goes truuttt tuutt tuutt truuuttt eeeee oooo tutttt before it actually connects!

Oh I sound so emo and serious.

As for life updates after my graduation, to simplify things;

1. I got a job based on my obtained degree though I still wish I'm doing something else.
2. I work on Saturdays which I hate very much. I have so little time left during weekends to do whatever I want do!
3. I got engaged to the love of my life on 17 July, 2010.
4. Now I'm a bride to be :)
5. The wedding is on 1st October, 2011!

Yup, that pretty much sums it up! Now I need to go find a new layout cos these cupcakes are making me hungry.