Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadhan 1432H/2011M

To all my Muslim family and friends, wishing you a blessed Ramadhan ahead.

I was searching through online since this evening for a full Ramadhan Buka Puasa schedule and finally found it. So to those living in Malaysia, you may click the link below for iftar schedule for all the States this year, or you may also visit

Waktu Imsak Dan Berbuka Puasa Negeri-Negeri Seluruh Malaysia Tahun 1432H/2011M

Still haven't decided on what's for Sahur later. My family don't usually serve a full course meal with rice for Sahur because most of us don't really have that much appetite so early in the morning. Yearly, we would just heat up some frozen roti canai, chicken curry, then fry some fries and make half boiled eggs. At times, I'll just make myself Ibumie, Mee Sedaap or sometimes I only eat kokocrunch!

Anyways, don't forget your niat puasa for the whole month tonight :)

Lafaz niat untuk sebulan puasa:
Sahaja aku berpuasa keseluruhan bulan Ramadhan kerana Allah Ta”ala

P/S: It's sad though Zech is spending his first day of Puasa offshore :(

Credit for niat puasa here.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Today I mourn

Received a forwarded email from my Aunt this morning and there I see it.


Press release by Majlis Islam Sarawak

Those living in Sarawak knows our famous Kek Lapis Sarawak and most Sarawak cookies are made with this butter as based. The butter helps to make our cake soft, creamy and the cookies sepor (not sure with the term in English?) The use of this butter as the main ingredient of our Sarawak cakes is done for so many years, even before my Opah's time!

Nyaman di renyok ngan nasik panas-panas and kicap!

On another note, it's good that they've discovered this matter now. As Muslims, we don't want to have pig's DNA in our food now do we. Hope those who gets this press release forward it to others as well.

I wonder what will everyone use to make their Kek Lapis and Semperet this year?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I got the job!

A few weeks back I was called for an interview for a post in a local power utility company. The interview day was in between my trip back and forth to KL and Miri so it was hectic trying to unpack then pack, preparing for the interview and rushing to the airport because my flight to Miri was the same day and immediately after the interview. Just thinking back about that day tires my brain already.

After graduation, this was my third interview. The first one, they didn't get back to me (fail lah), second was for my current job then this was the third, and also the most nerve wrecking! The session itself went really well but the agony of waiting for my turn was horror!

My turn was supposedly at 2pm so I was ready for a 2pm session. Thing is my flight to Miri was at 5.15pm so I was pretty much gambling with time hoping I'd get done with the interview just in time to be at the airport not to miss my flight. But a friend called saying that I could actually change my session to join hers in the morning!

So I called in and changed my session time but thing is, it was a first come first interview basis. I was already number 14. Guess what? Though I opt for the morning session, being number 14, my turn was also at 2pm -_- I had to wait for my turn from 10.30am! Imagine if I had not change my session time. I do get a bit worried seeing the number of people turning up for the interview, there were like 24 of them in total slimming out my chance on getting the job.

2 weeks later, got another phone call and I GOT THE JOB! *jumps up and down goes round and round throws confetti!*

Alhamdulillah :)

The friend I mentioned previously is a current colleague and we both got the job so yes, you can imagine the situation in my current office since we're both quitting at the same time!

Today is my second last day at work. Packing most of my things already and squeezing in some time to finish up as much outstanding works as I can while typing out a handover note to my boss.

Those who know me knows how much I wanted to leave my current company for various reasons. So I'm not really sad and sappy when it comes to handing in my resignation and quitting this job. To those who expects a speech of how I will miss it here, sorry disappoint you. But I am grateful and thankful that a year and a half ago, my boss gave me the opportunity to start my career here right after my graduation with no experience in hand.

My view 6 days a week for the past one year and a half

My kitty cat calendar I bought in Kuching

Starting work at the new place after Hari Raya. Will be getting a month rest while getting done with more Wedding related stuff. It's two months to go to the Wedding!

Oh by the way, I made it in time to the airport that day. Flight was at 5.15pm, arrived at the airport at 4.30pm. At 5.20pm they announced, the flight was delayed for TWO hours.


Free mcD meal though and glad Zech was with me. Thank you Sayang for driving me around, checking us in ahead of time and getting me a folder in between the interview! xoxo.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mel & Farish Lester: Married!

My bestfriend Mel had her solemnization on Saturday and Reception on Sunday. This wedding really came in as a surprise. She invited me just 2 weeks ago and prior to that, I had no idea she was actually prepping herself for the wedding. I was speechless at first and was very upset that I wasn't among the first to know. I've always imagined us helping with each others wedding prep, talking about it, discusses about it tons of times over mcD. She's that one person who is always there for me any single second of any day ever since we got to know each other in Uni. Every time I was feeling down and needed a companion to be at home with me while studying or just watching TV (I get seriously emotionally imbalanced very easily then), I'd just pick her up from her house and get her to sleepover at my place. She sometimes stays over for 2 weeks without both of us realizing it! Then she'd go home, do some laundry, cleans her house and there I'd be trying to kidnap her back home again. Now that she's married, I felt as if someone just took Mel away from me!

But as we all know, jodoh di tangan Allah. When the time comes, it just does. It took me the next 24 hours after her call to calm down and let everything digest into my head, then I sms her back saying Congratulations and asking hows her preparation, was she nervous and everything!

Alhamdulillah, the event went well. She looked absolutely stunning on both days. And I am sincerely happy for her :)


Mel & Farish, I wish you tons of happiness and semoga jodoh kekal hingga ke akhir hayat. Amin~

P/S: Farish, you better take good care of her or I'll kidnap her again!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Our wedding website

Cuts head wide open, takes out brain, place on table, letting brain rest and cools off.

Been sleeping at 2am twice this week trying to get done with more wedding related stuff. Specifically, the invitation cards and our wedding website. No, I am not designing or printing my own invitation cards because I have tons of other things to do. Better get someone good at it to do the cards so if anything goes wrong I can shoot them they'll get all the blame and I have someone to point my finger at.

Ok lah, that's not the reason. I don't trust myself in doing my own invites. I'm too detailed with everything I might shoot my own brain out while designing. Luckily I've got a great team to do it and the designer has been super nice and super friendly accommodating to all my fussy little details. I hope she doesn't hate me!

I go as bad as wanting them to change fonts of our names a couple of times -_- Not to mention my mom who wants the Kepada on the envelope to be aligned to the left instead of the center. See?

But I had to provide them samples, details, and since I almost exactly know what I want, I go very specific in my emails so I ended up with endless correspondence with the designer. Plus, I had to always ask Mom and Zech for approval.

Will let you know who are the team that's doing my invites once all cards ready, printed out, distributed and I am one very contented and satisfied customer. So far, I give them infinity stars and an A with multiple plus (A+++?) for VERY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Will have a separate post thanking them personally.

Last but not least, while they try to finish up on my invites design, I try to finish up my wedding website. I kinda like the idea of Save the Date wedding sites in the US and they're slowly picking up here in Malaysia. However, again, since I'm too detailed and know exactly what I want, I opt for doing it myself. It's difficult to get someone to do it and explaining long long how you want it to be. It may not look very professional or awesome, but I like it! Of course lah I like, I designed it myself -_-

Pictures used in the website are our Pre-Wedding pictures taken by the extremely talented Anna-Rina.

So, here it is! Our wedding website world premiere! (Rasa macam world premiere video clip MTV)

Do drop by and leave a message on our Guestbook :)

Sleeping at 2am makes my head dizzy in the morning and I'm being less productive in the office. Will get back on track by next week, hopefully.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ramadhan Food & Fair @ Wisma Wanita '11

Remember I posted an entry about a banner design I made for an event coming up here in KK?

If you don't, CLICK HERE.

But if you do, the banner's up! I haven't seen it yet but the organizers uploaded a photo of the banner being hung at the roadside of the venue. Here it is!


The banner is for the upcoming RAMADHAN FOOD & FAIR @ WISMA WANITA '11. If you read my previous entry, you'd know how I end up getting the designing job. The bazaar is organized by Akif Jaya Sdn Bhd and Sabahan Blogshop Flea Market, supported by Jabatan Hal Ehwal Wanita Sabah.

It is now up for the world to see! Ok, so maybe for those who are staying in KK. Will be driving pass the venue later to see it myself and maybe get some vanity shots ;P

If you're living in KK, now we have more options on places to visit during Ramadhan. To those who are interested in getting a lot, it's still not too late! Hurry though, lots are finishing fast. For more information, you may visit the event page on facebook.

Thanks Nirwana for the opportunity :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Where the journey begins

It has been a year...

Our wedding journey shall end in 2 months time, but it will be the beginning of another new lifetime journey where we'll write our very own happy ending :) I love you. Forever and always.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Painting my tummy red

What I miss most about KL right now will definitely be this.


The Red Velvet cake from Illy Espressamente. I had a slice a day while I was there.

5 days = 5 slices = FAT!

I know I was suppose to be on diet but the cake was just heavenly smooth, creamy, and perfect. No picture of the cake cos the only time I remembered to take a picture of it, I've ate it all.

I shall eat you soon again my darling cake. Wait for me!

Friday, July 15, 2011

KL - KK - Miri

The past one week has been BUSY!


  1. Went to KL for 5 days mostly to settle more wedding stuff. Managed to get done with the doorgifts for Akad Nikah, invitations cards, our shoes, outfits for malam berinai, kain for families and... I'm not sure what else.
  2. Got myself a new handbag and purse. I got these and pretty much ended my shopping spree there. The two items burned whatever cash I had with me -_-
  3. Came back from KL and I had TWO interviews. One of it was yesterday, on the same day of my flight to Miri (yes, I'm in Miri now). I had to wait from 10am to 2pm for my turn and my flight was at 5.15pm! I didn't pack my stuff the night before so the only time I had left was after the interview. Rushed home, packed, then off to the airport!
  4. My flight got delayed for TWO hours -_- free mcD meal though.
  5. Arrived Miri last night then went directly to the Hotel where our reception will be at for food tasting.
  6. Then PENGSAN!
Finally sitting down at Grandma's dining table typing this out while catching a breather. Hope to get some rest this weekend before having to face 'some attitude' at the office on Monday.

As for the interview, I'm gona cross my fingers and toes until tulang patah, pray really hard that I'll get it! Insyaallah :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dad turns 55

Happy Birthday Bapak!

The highlight to Dad's birthday this year will definitely be his cake. You see the thing is with my Dad, whenever he's at home, he's the only one in control of the Astro remote control! And it's not that we don't want to watch TV with him but his channel preferences are either Astro Awani, Discovery Channel or the Turbo channel. Oh and TV3 for his prime time news. The only time we get to watch our channels for movies, reality shows or anything other than that is when he's asleep or outstation for work.

So for his 55th birthday, what could be more perfect that getting him this!


The idea came out of my frustration one night after being bored at 8.30pm not knowing what to do and I can't watch the TV cos Dad's watching his news. Then his news again at Awani. Then more news. Then cars. Then some history or biography. Then more cars!

This has to be his perfect surprise cake! We ordered it from Boutique Cupcakes.

We first hide the real remote. I purposely left the TV on E! channel so when it's 8pm he was furious searching for his remote to watch the news. We kept quiet in the kitchen until he starts asking where's the remote. We helped him to "search" when we asked Zech to bring the cake out and we all shouted, "There! Your remote!".

Thing is, my Dad was so focused on searching for the remote to change the channel he ACTUALLY THOUGHT IT WAS THE REAL REMOTE AND GRABBED THE CAKE REMOTE! We burst out laughing because he did not even realize it was his birthday cake! LOL!

We only gave him the real remote after cutting the cake ;P

Have to be up by 3am later cos our flight to KL is at 6am. I'm going off to KL tomorrow with Mom and Zech to settle more wedding related stuff. Will be away for 5 days. Hopefully KL will not be as bad as the rumours I've heard for this Saturday's rally.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Designed by yours truly

I haven't had a short deadline for the longest time in my life I think was gasping even in my sleep! But the feeling of looking at the accomplishment after that, now that is priceless.

I finally got my first official designing job! Not something I do to help family or friends but an actual design of posters and banners for an event coming up here in KK. For the first time ever, my own work will be printed out HUGE and be displayed around the city for thousands of eyes to see every single day! And I get to put in a "Designed by" ad for myself on the banner. Now how cool is that! I didn't want to have my name and number, so I had my email address instead. But with my FULL NAME! LOL.

This job was so last minute though. I had the confirmation at noon and they wanted the design to be done and emailed back to them for review the same day. So I went home for lunch and started the concept of the design, then went back to the office. Came back from the office at 5pm then get back to it again and managed to email them the design by 8pm. I only get to shower after that!

Zech made me bread burger (beef burger using toasted white bread cos we didn't have the burger bun) for dinner so ate that while struggling to finish up my design. Thank you Sayang!

BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. Woke up with an email at 6.30am today saying they liked my design and would want me to reconstruct it to fit a banner that they would print out! I was so happy I jumped right off bed and told my mom, called Zech up and fixed my bed with a smile :)

They did mentioned however, they wanted the revised design by noon. TODAY.

So I packed my laptop and designed during lunch while fueling myself up with Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Managed to get it done on time and emailed it before heading back to the office to settle my other office works.

I am tired but I am happy! I told Zech that I would want to be there when they get the banner up so I could take pictures with it. It is history in the making!

I won't be releasing any of my work here just yet but I will very soon, maybe a week before the event starts :)

But I can however provide you a link to the event on their facebook page, CLICK CLICK. The poster is already up!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Just 7 months old, the website hosts more than 40 designers with tons of varieties on everything latest in trend and fashion.

Above all, what I like best about fashionvalet is how they have aimed to distinguish and help market our very own local Malaysian fashion designers! When I first found out about the site, I did not know most of the brands, or maybe all the brands in there. But I was surprised how everything looked so gorgeous! If it's the pictures then they've done a good job in getting the clothes looking good. As for price range, the designer's clothes are acceptably reasonable and some does cater for high end shoppers.

At first, I wasn't sure of spending hundreds of ringgits on designers that I have never heard of but following their update every Mondays and Thursdays (followed their Twitter so I can't say no to the link that screams "CLICK ME! because the site is updated with more gorgeous stuff you don't want to miss out and burn holes in your pockets for!" - of course it didn't sound like that) it is just irresistible. Every time I browse through, there's always a piece I would want to just add to cart!

I gave in to temptations and purchased these:


Checked out and paid at 4pm YESTERDAY and guess what? Was so excited when I got home from work TODAY to see my Poslaju package sitting right there on the sofa waiting for me to rip it apart! Talk about excellent efficiency and look at their packaging! All that was worth the amount I paid for. They will notify you when they receive payment and also will update you when the items are shipped out from their place together with the tracking number. Oh how I heart technology! Oh by the way, free shipping when you purchased above RM200.

Look at the effort they gave on the design of the envelope!

Neatly wrapped up in plastic.

Tried both tops on and it fits perfectly! Glad that they also provide measurements for each sizes so you can't really go wrong. SUPER HAPPY!

But what caught my attention was my Lilou top. Look what I found!


Ask Your Mom How To Do Your Laundry!