Monday, October 22, 2012

Little family weekend

Hubby's home this weekend so we've decided to go for a short outing at the mall with Zarra because it has been a while since we both get to shop. With a newborn around, going out or shopping has dropped out of the activity chart most of the time. And this is our first outing without my Mom!

Saying goodbye to the days when going out means checking your hair and make up in the mirror, get the shoes and bags that matches the outfit, then go! That's 30 minutes tops. It can be quite a hassle taking a newborn out. We must have this imaginary check list in our head to get ready her going-out essentials. There's the formula, feeding bottle, extra diapers, hot water, extra clothes, her stroller, her carrier (when she cries in her stroller), the list can be endless with all the "just in case"! But as time goes by and the more often we get to go out, it gets easier to decide what we really need.

Alhamdulillah, Zarra was not cranky at all and she was all smiles all the time! Though she didn't want to nap nor feed. Then she got tired and slept all the way back home and I only fed her once we're home.

Waiting for Daddy to shop
Changed hub's watch battery
Lunch at Sushi King!
With Mommy
And Daddy
Look at those cheeky smile
Me wana try the green tea
It's been a long while. Sashimi!

Noticed how she know's when to look at the camera? LOL... Got myself 2 pairs of shoes for work (Hubby paid! Thank youuuuuuu). HAPPY!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Me like to bath!

No matter how cranky Zarra gets, no matter how high-pitched her voice is screaming her lungs out with me not knowing why (my baby is a firecracker!), when it's bath time - it's always happy time.

Ever since she was born, not once has she cried during her bath. Well she did once, because we forgot to add in hot water into her tub. A rookie mistake!

See that adorable face?

Spending the weekend kissing those chubby cheeks!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sereni & Shentel Fan Love 2013

Sereni & Shentel posted this up 2 days ago on their facebook page.

They are asking fans to participate and be part of their 2013 Look Book by emailing in pictures of their fans wearing Sereni & Shentel headbands.

And I thought, 'hmm... Interesting!'

I've been a fan of their headbands since a few years back. It started with just admiring their collection for a long time before I made the first purchase. With their prices, their headbands are indeed in a way catered for high end consumers.

Although with that pricing range, Sereni & Shentel has been posting up and publicize numerous promotions over the years making it sometimes very affordable! And this is how I own my very first S&S headband. I would usually make purchases through these promotions, slowly building my very own mini S&S headband collection (still not many compared to a lot others but they are so precious and I'm very proud of it!).

Mental note: Should take a picture of my headbands!

Anyways, so I think hard and search through old pictures and I must say, these headbands has been part of among the most memorable events in my life. So I put the pictures in a new folder, cropped it according to the t&c, and participate!

Here are the ones that I submitted.


I got a little greedy and sent in 3! My malam berinai, my anniversary and my anniversary gift from hubby :) Posted the 2 pictures in my previous post too.

I'm not sure if I will be featured in the Look Book but it was sure interesting and heart warming thinking back about my journey being a Sereni & Shentel fan and how it has been part of my life.

So to those out there who are just like me, come on and email in those pictures! I'm sure it'll be so exciting if our pictures are selected :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our first Anniversary

Our first Anniversary was last week! Minus the fact that I'm documenting this a week late, oh-mai-god it's been ONE YEAR!

Can't believe we've been married that long already. Being married for a year is definitely a milestone! Glad that Hubby is onshore this time so we get to celebrate. Thing is, we've never gone out at night since Zarra is around and we'd never go anywhere during the weekends without her. So we're not sure how are we actually celebrating.

Thankfully my kind-hearted and full of understanding Mom told us to go out for some dinner and movies, she'll take care of Zarra for the night. The magic words were like music to our ears! Well, we're avid movie goers since we got together years back and even at 7 months pregnant, I was still watching late night movies (very determined though, I usually would be so tired and would have gone to sleep before 10pm).

Unfortunately, towards the end of my pregnancy, there were nothing good premiering so we ended up not watching any until I gave birth. And of course, after giving birth there's the confinement and Zarra. Those were the time when all these hyped up movies are on! We missed Batman, Spiderman (the new one of course) and tons more.

Of course we said YES! Our first date after a oh-so-long time!

The day before our anniversary, Mom surprised us with a mini wedding cake and made her signature spaghetti for everyone at home to celebrate.

 Was home for the weekend so no make up!

 Zarra sandwiched! And not liking it.

Mom even got the wedding dolls! LOL!

Then on the day itself, we had a nice dinner at Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa and food was superbly awesome accompanied by luxurious atmosphere. Our first dinner date at a fancy hotel (ever!) then watched Resident Evil: Retribution. Good movie, though I was yawning perhaps 4 - 5 times because I was so sleepy. Hubby kept on asking if I wanted to cancel and go home but I managed to stay up and enjoyed the movie. Then home and straight to bed! (Yes, bed. THAT tired)

 With my dear Sayang

Coincidentally, Sereni & Shentel was having a mooncake festival promo that weekend. Now, those who know me knows how I'm a huge fan of their headbands. I could get two headbands worth RM360 for half the price, RM180!  I've been wanting their New Money collection but it was so pricey I hold on to the thought. So this was definitely an irresistible offer. Told Hubby about it and he insisted on getting them for me instead as our anniversary present.


Picked the colours I wanted and fast forward 2 weeks later, the package arrived today. I am so in love!

New Money & Mandy!

Immediately tried it on at the office!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm a Cookie

Chipsmore! Get it? Get it? Now you see me then you don't?


With all my time being occupied then, being pregnant and now having a baby, I almost forgot the existence of my blog. Wonder if I still do have any visitors?

I should have remembered to blog during confinement because I was stuck at home for 44 days with Fashion Valet as my bestfriend. Think you can save money by staying home? Think again!

Since I've been away for so long, where do I start?

I gave birth the next day!

Oh yes! My last entry, I was 6 months pregnant. 3 months after that (though I was 2 weeks earlier than my due date), on 30th June 2012, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We named her Zarra Binti Mohamad Zechary. Yes, we did get comments and questions on such a short name but we like it like that. There's no point in giving 3 names when everyone will only be calling her by her first name anyways right? Saves her the trouble of filling in forms in the future too! ;)

Zarra a few hours old with her Daddy

At only 2.75kg, she's the cutest and most adorable thing in the world. I remember feeling nervous and shocked right after seeing her for the first time. I know most would shed their tears of joy, but I didn't. I was probably more shocked and excited! It's such a miracle looking at my baby, knowing she has been in my tummy for 9 months. Now I can see and touch her, and hear her cry! Mashaallah.

She was born at 11.47pm. When she first came out, her eyes were already wide open and everyone was telling me how Zarra was the only baby still awake and moving about while the others were fast asleep or crying. Zarra was there, eyes wide open, moving her little legs and feet quietly. Pictures I edited for my instagram!

And the rest is history :) She's 3 months old last weekend and my baby is super healthy and cute!

She just had her 3 months immunisation jab last saturday. She's 6.1kg now! I hate these jabs babies have to go through. The doctor said 20% of babies who gets the jab will get a fever, so we always have to monitor her temperature. Zarra wasn't cranky after the jab, just very sleepy and weak. Perhaps drowsy. So she slept extra hours last weekend. But come Monday and Alhamdulillah, my baby is back to normal and mighty fine! She went through the jab twice already, she'll be a bit warm the next day but thankfully no fever.

Mommy and Baby Zarra before her 3 months jab

Though she woke up 4am this morning -_-. She's usually up by 5.30am - 6.30am after her midnight feeding that's around 1am or 3am. So I had to be up by 4am too but I can't go back to sleep because once we are done, it's time to get ready for work.

How time flies!