Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shaklee Meal Shakes - Healthy Nutrition for Children

Ever since my daughter started playschool in January, she often gets fever and flu which slowly leads to formation of phlegm and mild asthma. It was heartbreaking to see my girl on the nebulizer and we would visit the doctor almost every 2 weeks. 

Picture taken in a few months ago when Zarra first started her Neb

I first heard of Mealshake in May and try it out on her based on some good reviews from colleagues at work. Alhamdulillah, her last visit to the clinic and being on the neb was in May. She would still occasionally have her flu but after a day or 2 of medication, the flu or fever would go away. This was also when I started joining Shaklee  So for moms who are still looking for a supplement to try on their children to help increase their immunity and also assist in getting the right amount of nutrients daily, you can give Mealshake a try.

One canister lasted me for more than 3 months. I just add a teaspoon full to her milk every morning. So it's definitely worth the price.


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